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The ICTP Ready UI

by Riccardo Di Meo last modified 2007-12-19 19:40

Here is a general description of what the ICTP ready UI can do for you, as well as a link where the program can be retrieved.

Why a portable User Interface?

The interaction of users with the gLite GRIDs is performed by running commands from the so called User Interface (UI) host. A UI, therefore, must be installed on users' personal computers. Now, although there is a gLite specific tar ball that allows installation on a user's personal computer without the need for Operating System re-installation, unfortunately its configuration disrupts the user's existing environment, and can easily become an impairment to the user's established daily activities, unrelated to the GRID. This scenario has been seen to negatively affect the interest towards accessing the gLite GRIDs among researchers who took part in the training and dissemination activities of EU-IndiaGrid.

To overcome this barrier, a specific modification to the gLite tar ball was created that avoids disrupting user environments, and that has the added bonus of allowing easier configuration of multiple different Virtual Organisations. This is the ICTP Ready UI.

The software is available at the URL:


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