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by Riccardo Di Meo last modified 2008-12-04 14:27

This page shows how to create a package containing the CSCDriver executable which will fit with the next ports


A very basic understanding about how the grid works, as well as the ability to perform simple task on it.

The ability to create 2 proxy certificates on the UI: one with the voms estension of VO that will import the data and run the jobs (euindia, from now on) and another with the extension for VO where the data reside (although theoretically it should be possible to issue proxies with multiple extensions, some issues are present when using them).

A working copy of the CSCDriver program with libraries included in a directory called "lib", packaged ..

Compile CSCDriver on a Scientific Linux distribution, therefore making the binary compatible with the Worker Nodes on grid: this involves compiling first the root package on the same computer and forcing the CSCDriver program to link against it.

If you are using an User Interface to compile the code, remember to disable the globus libraries in the root ./configure step, since it will break the compilation.

Administrator privileges are not required to install the root library, as long as a writable directory is chosen as prefix ($HOME/root should do) and the appropriate variable are set before configuring CSCDriver and running it.

Configure and compile CSCDriver against the root library to produce a working executable; static compilation is tricky, therefore the required root libraries will have to be brought to the grid with the package.

The software used to port CSCDriver expects a specific structure for the package with the executables (hard coded into the script):

  1. the package should be in tar.bz2 compressed format
  2. everything in the package should be inside a directory named "code"
  3. The "code" directory should contain all the required files for the CSCDriver program to work. "samples", "Data" and "summary" directories, must be present, and should be empty.
  4. the name of the binary should be code/CSCDriver
  5. The root libraries required to run CSCDriver should be inside the directory code/lib

The list of the libraries required to run CSCDriver can be inferred by looking at the output of the ldd CSCDriver command; the current version requires:

which should, as said, be placed in code/lib for the program to work.


Save the package with a name of your choice into the catalog with a command like:

$ lcg-cr -d -l lfn:/grid/euindia/myid/cscdriver_package.tar.bz2 file:`pwd`/code.tar.bz2
which will create a file lfn:/grid/euindia/myid/cscdriver_package.tar.bz2 in the catalog.


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