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by Riccardo Di Meo last modified 2008-11-17 23:40

What's new in the most recent versions (new features, bug fixes, etc)

The latest release of reserve SMP nodes is the 1.5.1 which can be found at this address

It implements the following changes:

  • reserve_smp_nodes and reserve_interactive can now be invoked from any directory.

From 1.4 to 1.5:

  • Fixed error messages in both the reserve_smp_nodes and reserve_interactive
  • lexical parsing of the arguments is now properly implemented for the arguments of the remote command (command line or interactive only, not in the task file)
  • Relaxed the format of the "task file": commands which doesn't require arguments doesn't need a trailing ":" anymore
  • Task files now correctly support blank lines and comments (starting with the # symbol)
  • Added a new directive to change the separators in the task files: a line consisting of exactly 3 characters, starting with ! is interpreted as a directive that changes the field separator from : to the 2th char. in the line and the arguments separator from ; to the 3th one. The directive can be used at any line and any number of time.
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