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Testing a GRID Site

by zadmin last modified 2007-12-21 17:15

Steps for testing and checking that a site in GRID Seed works.

Tests to perform on a GRID Site, after GRID Seed has been launched:

IMPORTANT! Now that a GRID is up and running, treat each VM as a Linux Box proper! So you may use *ssh* to log on to any of them. Or if you prefer, use VMWare to log on to each one.

Testing LRMS

  • Log on as root to the CE to test, and become the gridbox01 user:

    # su - gridbox01

  • List the pbsnodes:

    $ pbsnodes -a

  • Create a simple job:

    #/bin/bash echo "Ran on $HOSTNAME" ls /tmp/FOO.BAR

  • Run it:

    $qsub -q gridbox

  • You should obtain, in a couple of seconds, two files:<N> whose content is similar to:

    Ran on<N> whose content is similar to:

    ls: /tmp/FOO.BAR: No such file or directory

Testing SE - CE integration

  • Log on to the CE to test.

  • Run ldapsearch and search for the SE data in the Site BDII:

    # ldapsearch -x -p 2170 -h hostname -b "o=grid" | grep GlueSEUniqueID

    You should obtain an output similar to the following:



    dn: GlueSEAccessProtocolLocalID=gsiftp,,mds-vo-name

    GlueChunkKey: dn: GlueSEAccessProtocolLocalID=rfio,,mds-vo-name= GlueChunkKey: dn: GlueSEControlProtocolLocalID=classic,,mds-vo-n GlueChunkKey: dn: GlueSALocalID=gridbox,,mds-vo-name=GIB-1,o=gri GlueChunkKey:

Testing CE - DNS - BDII integration

  • Log on to the UI:

    Running the following commands, you should obtain output similar to that reported:

    # lcg-info --list-ce
    • CE:
    # lcg-info --list-se
    • SE:
  • Log on to the DNS:

    You must find the sites LDAP URI in the file /var/www/html/configuration/bdii-sites.conf

    # cat /var/www/html/configuration/bdii-sites.conf

    Date=10/09/07 12:00 # AGGIUNGERE SITI PER TOP BDII GIB ldap://,o=grid

  • Log on to the BDII:

    The file /opt/bdii/etc/bdii-update.conf must be equal to the file /var/www/html/configuration/bdii-sites.conf located on the DNS box.

    # cat /opt/bdii/etc/bdii-update.conf

    Date=10/09/07 12:00 # AGGIUNGERE SITI PER TOP BDII GIB ldap://,o=grid


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