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Known Issues

by zadmin last modified 2007-12-21 17:15

Know Issues and relative workarounds

There are some known issues regarding GRID Seed:

  1. The Virtual machine may hang up at the start.

Usually this problem occurs when the script ./ copies the All_in_one directory, and the underlaying OS has not finished synchronising its buffer to disk.

Solution: log on to the VMWare console to see the bootstrap hanging, wait a few seconds, press ENTER key a couple of times to force VMWare to re-read the file (hopefully the synchronisation has completed).

  1. VMWare has problems with time syncronization accurate within the second (please search on google for ntpd vmware).

The implication is that the automatic proxy delegatation of job submission can fail (please refer to gLite BUG

Solution: make a manual proxy delegation.

  1. The lack of ACPI in the host kernel doesn't allow the Virtual Machine to Power Off. So you must use the Power Off button on the VMWare console.

Solution: you may also use the script.

  1. As a consequence of (3) above, at boot time the disk of the Virtual Machine may seem corrupted.


  1. In case of manual shutdown of the Virtual Machine, the file /var/www/html/status/status.txt may contain outdated information.

Solution: log on as root, and edit it according to which services are ON or OFF.

  1. The default configuration of BDII consider that the grid can have almost 8 Site. In case you need more site you have to add the entry in the configuration file hosted in the DNS. The file is /var/www/html/configuration/bdii-site.conf
GIB-1 ldap://,o=grid
GIB-2 ldap://,o=grid
GIB-3 ldap://,o=grid
GIB-4 ldap://,o=grid
GIB-5 ldap://,o=grid
GIB-6 ldap://,o=grid
GIB-7 ldap://,o=grid
GIB-8 ldap://,o=grid

After is better to restart the bdii service on the bdii, so that the configuration file is reload or you have to wait that the bdii reload it.

  1. The output of /etc/init.d/wms script is misleading The error is coming glite python script
  2. The Revocation list of the CA will end Mar 9 11:20:18 2008 GMT after this date you must recreate it
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