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“Grid Made Easy” is an open collaborative effort at creating a
tutorial book on using Computational Grids based on EGEE_ middleware.
This effort is promoted by the `EGRID project <>`_ and by the ICTP_ team involved in the training activities within the `EUINDIAGRID project <>`_. Contributions are coming from `Democritos National Simulation Center <>`_ as well.

This guide is mainly offer to the users of the computational grids maintained by the above mentioned institutions and projects an therefore examples and command (and even tools) will be provided for these specific infrastructure described in the [Introduction] . However we hope this effort could be also useful for many other people. 

Start with the [Introduction] if you're new to EGEE/`gLite`_ Grid technology,
or browse the table of contents if you're in search of a particular

Since Grid technologies are evolving very rapidly, “Grid Made Easy”
is, and always will be, a work in progress.  If you find that
something is incorrect or missing, please `“be bold and fix it!”`__ --
We welcome your additions and contributions!

.. __:

If you wish to contribute, please read the [Authoring] section first
and try to comply with the guidelines posted there; distributed
authoring of a book requires a coordination effort, and more so since
we're using a ZWiki for that, which is a challenging experiment.
Thank you!

.. _EGEE:
.. _ICTP:
.. _glite:

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