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Video tutorials

by Riccardo Di Meo last modified 2008-02-19 16:13

Short clips showing the basics of the BEMuSE configuration (.avi and .flv formats, no audio)

Protein demonstration

Here is a little selection of short clips showing how BEMuSE work and how to create and configure a simulation.

All videos are in .avi format and (for now at least) without comment; the compilation and installation of gromacs from source is not shown, since it would be scarcely informative to the user (compilation of the package may differ from system to system).

First setup of the BEMuSE package.

This clip shows how a BEMuSE distribution can be installed, starting from a gromacs binary package and the python2.5 source (this step can be easily performed automatically and is not shown for brevity).

The installation involves the immission of VO-grid related parameters, configuration of the logging infrastructure, compilation of python for WN execution and upload of the relevant files on the SE.

Although the BEMuSE package can be configured for both local and grid execution, only the grid configuration is shown:

BEMuSE first configuration (2.6 Mb) (.flv version)

This step is expected to be performed only once.

Setup of a simple simulation

This video shows:

  • The structure of the restarts
  • The configuration of a simulation
  • The submission of the jobs
Starting a simulation with BEMuSE (2.1 Mb) (.flv version)


Setting up a webserver and configuring it for a simulation.

The webserver is an optional feature which can be enabled in order to track the status of a simulation. The first part of this clip shows how to start a the service and enable it for a simulation.

The second half of the video shows the (still quite empty) html pages generated by the sever.

Setting up the webserver (1.4 Mb) (.flv version)

This other video shows the pages generated by the webserver for a running simulation:

Webserver pages for a running simulation (1.6 Mb) (.flv version)

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